AMG has been founded by Luc Stuer in 1990.  First with the buying of a truck and than with one of the first mini excavators in Belgium.

In 2005 we bought our first Brokk mini cut for the renovation of an abbey in Belgium. 

After purchased the 7th TopTec demolition robot in the world for the demolition of a cancer bunker at the UZA in Antwerp the business grew and grew.

In 2008 when a copper refiner called us due to a mechanical failure on their brokk 180 we were on site within 2 hours.  We took care of the demolition of an ISA smelting furnace in a record time.

That is how we got inside the refractory demolition business. 

Nowadays it is Koen Stuer and Steven Coomans who run the company.

We have done projects in different plants around Europe at well known customers.